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Windows & Doors recycling scheme


Here is all you need to know about our windows & doors recycling scheme and how much funding you can get for recycling your old windows and doors through Revo. See how our windows are manufactured in recycling centres all across the UK. See how energy efficient Grade (A) Windows and doors are produced through the power of recycling

claim up to £5000 for recycled windows


Our range of highly desirable double glazing & triple glazing windows & doors are suitable for all types of buildings.

All our UPVC windows & doors offer exceptional levels of energy efficiency as well as a choice of opening styles, solid colours and wood grain effects.


Our designs provide extra space from the extended window sill, making the room feel more open.
They allow light to enter from each individual angle, so passing more light into the room.
They can become an ideal spot for a seating area or a place to read/sit in the natural light.


Energy efficiency brings lots of benefits: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing demand for energy imports, and lowering our costs on households through heat loss.

detached house and thermography

Rated glazing is beneficial to both the homeowner and the environment. When heat is trapped inside the home, the heating system will not need to be used so regularly

Energy efficiency as car speedometer. 3d illustration

Alternative methods of energy. We believe that a green world is a better world for us all and we encourage green energy and hold the same philosophy in the production of recycled uPVC windows and doors.


Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Imagine if every large business and manufacturing facility drastically reduced the amount they sent to landfill.

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Mass production of recycled windows helps make the environment greener. Learn how we help the environment by making your window frames from recycled plastic

Enquire if you are eligible for funding