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Revo Home Improvements contains a range of styles, materials and glazing options for perfect made-to-measure windows to fit your home’s age and elegance.

Our uPVC windows come A-Rated as standard or may be upgraded to A++ Triple Glazing or A+ Rated window. All which offer superb performance and energy efficiency, which may prevent you from spending more money on your heating bills.

Approximately about 20% of the warmth escaping from the house is wasted through the windows, but by using quality UPVC Windows we can conserve the heat by keeping out rain, wind and resisting condensation, while at the same time allowing natural heat from the sun to keep the house warm and cosy.

We guarantee a Superior Service and use of top quality Materials in all our UPVC Windows and Doors. Customer satisfaction is always a priority for us. One of our experienced Sales Advisors would be happy to discuss options with you. We understand that your house is way more than an area to measure. It’s an area to relax and feel safe. Our Home Improvement Advisors are here to assist you decide on your home improvements wisely.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.
We strive to provide a professional, rapid and affordable service.

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How much do replacing windows cost?

Costs can vary for windows and installation, especially when buying through a company. Therefore, it is so important to know of the potential pitfalls of buying low cost or off the shelf replacements:

  • Low quality windows can turn yellow over a period of time. This will then reduce the value of your home and can also make it harder to sell.
  • Low quality wood windows may be also more prone to rotting. This would dramatically reduce the life of the product and increase replacement costs.

Poorly installed windows can be responsible for:

  • Draughts that can cause ill health and sleepless nights.
  • Heat loss that can lead to higher energy bills and increase your carbon footprint. In some prominent cases of badly installed windows can increase the amount of heat lost rather than reduce it.
  • Moisture leaks and damp can in extreme cases potentially cause serious damage to your property.

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