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Builders Wimborne – Garage Build Wimborne

Garage Build Wimborne

Builders Wimborne – Garage Build Wimborne


In the town of Wimborne, nestled amidst the rolling hills of Dorset, a new project had sprung to life. An enthusiastic homeowner had issued us a directive to construct a garage that would blend with the local charm. They instructed Builders Wimborne

The endeavor commenced with meticulous planning, drawing inspiration from the area’s style.  Architectural nuances were carefully considered, ensuring that the garage would be a tasteful addition to the neighborhood.



Garage Demolition

Builders Wimborne
Garage Foundations Dug

Ground Works Commenced

Once the old garage had been demolished, we set out the dimensions of the garage and we started to dig the footings
600mm wide and at least 450mm in depth. We used concrete blocks for underground. The oversight was created with 1200 guage DPC and covered with 120mm C35 concrete.

Builders Wimborne
Garage Build Wimborne

Blockword & Groundworks

In the pursuit of constructing a durable and functional garage, the fusion of concrete blocks and Celcon blocks became the cornerstone of the project. Concrete blocks, renowned for their strength and stability, formed the garage’s foundational walls, ensuring structural integrity and security.

The integration of Celcon blocks further elevated the design, adding thermal efficiency to the equation. These lightweight yet robust blocks provided excellent insulation, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature and reducing energy consumption. Their ease of handling expedited construction while offering a sleek and modern appearance.

Together, concrete and Celcon blocks forged a resilient, energy-efficient garage. This synergistic combination embodied the marriage of strength and sustainability, culminating in a versatile and enduring structure for the homeowner’s needs.

Truss Roof Wimborne
Garage Roof Wimborne

Exterior Finishing

In the quest to transform a bare garage into a polished masterpiece, the final touches of rendering and Sandtex exterior paint were pivotal. A layer of render brought smoothness and uniformity to the garage’s walls, masking imperfections and creating a sleek canvas.

The choice of Sandtex exterior paint was inspired, offering more than just color. Its weather-resistant properties shielded the structure from the elements, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance. The paint’s finish added depth and vibrancy, elevating the garage’s aesthetics.

As the last brushstroke dried, the garage stood resplendent, a testament to meticulous attention to detail. Render and Sandtex paint had united to create a durable, visually striking exterior—a harmonious blend of form and function.

Builders Wimborne

Exterior Finishing

In the driveway makeover, a tarmac driveway was transformed into a stunning visual spectacle with the introduction of brindle edging. The mundane pavement received a chic upgrade, as rich brindle-colored bricks were meticulously arranged to frame the driveway’s perimeter.

This new aesthetic not only enhanced curb appeal but also added an air of sophistication to the property. The interplay of dark and light hues created a striking contrast, catching the eye of passersby and neighbors alike.

Beyond its visual allure, the brindle edging served a practical purpose, reinforcing the driveway’s edges, preventing erosion, and adding structural integrity. This innovation showcased the seamless blend of form and function in modern landscaping, proving that even a driveway could become a canvas for architectural artistry.






Garage Driveways
Builders Wimborne

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