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Is it worth investing in a Solar Battery Storage System?

Is it worth investing in a Solar Battery Storage System?

Whilst we are all keen to do what we can to save the environment, the truth is that we are going to want to make sure that the measures that we put in place in our homes are cost-effective. Not only does this mean making sure that we find the equipment that we want at a great price, but also that it Is going to have a good level of return for us too.

Solar electricity has definitely seen a rise of late and even here in the UK where it seems that we don’t get as much sunshine as we would like, it is still a great way to bring cleaner, eco-friendly power into your home.

The one thing that concerns some people when it comes to solar power is the fact that in the most part, during those hours when it is sunny, you are not likely to need as much power or you are not likely to be in at all.

However, when the sun goes down and all your family are at home, this is when you are going to want to use up your solar power resources.

This is where a solar battery storage system can help you.

What is a solar battery storage system?

The idea of a solar battery storage system is that it takes the energy that is generated during the sunlight hours and stores it away. This means that when it is dark or cloudy outside, you still have the energy that you have created. This enables your home to run on 100% solar energy around the clock, although, it could still run out if you don’t see the sun for a while.

Are they expensive?

You are going to need to pay out to have one of these systems installed into your home and the cost is usually between £1,000 and £6,000. This wiil vary depending on the system that you have installed, the size that you need and also where you live too. You will also need to keep in mind that the storage system has a life-span of anywhere between 5 and 15 years, which means that you may have to replace it, which will increase your costs.

Are they worth it?

Wondering whether it is worth it to invest in a solar power battery storage system? The answer is yes. Sure, it will cost you, but in the long-run the benefits far outweigh the cost. Having one of these storage system will save you money over time as it saves on your energy costs. It also means that you have the opportunity to earn money but selling the energy that you have stored to the grid.

You can also become completely independent from the grid, which doesn’t necessarily save you money, but is a pretty great feeling.

The main thing to remember is that although you need to spend out on one of these storage systems, there are plenty of reasons why it is going to be a positive move for you and allow you to really embrace a much cleaner way of powering your home.

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